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Italian cuisine is a wide and colorful array of fine dishes from Mediterranean countries across the region of southern Europe. Indeed, enjoying Italian cuisine is a special experience. It’s a celebration of great food and fine wine in the company and friends and family. Culinary customs, similar to telling a favorite story, pass from one generation to another.

A Few Basics about Italian Cuisine
Italian cuisine is basically traditional ingredients and meals favored by the good people of Italy. Sauces, cheeses and pasta are without a doubt staples across the nation. But the various regions of Italy tend to feature their own specific dishes and ingredients that contribute to the wider influences of Italian fare.

Alianos Best Restaurant East Dundee IL

What is generally known as a Mediterranean diet includes standards like olive oil, bread, cheeses and seasonally-available vegetables. The culinary history goes back hundreds of years to the fall of the Roman Empire. It was around that point in history that Italy’s regions developed their own dietary identities that are still popular today. Italian restaurants and pizzerias featuring Italian cuisine are active in countries around the world.

When it comes to dining out at a Best Restaurant East Dundee IL, Italian cuisine offers substantial health benefits. Italian dishes adhere to Mediterranean practices of preparing meals with natural, simple ingredients. For example, olive oil, garlic, green vegetables, tomatoes and whole grains.

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